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【Little Happy Classroom】Modern Disease-Stress Disorder

People who live a hopeful life, work hard, connect with other people, and expect a better life quality, will encounter frustration and conflicts one after another. When they feel threatened, there is stress.
Life is full of stress factors, such as family, work, health, diseases, economic conditions, unexpected accidents etc.
A little stress can keep people on their toes, help them make better judgements and take better actions, and inspire an even more desirable performance.
But too much stress can bring anxiety, depression and discouragement, resulting in increased adrenaline, loss of self-control, and a negative impact on health.
“Stress” is a stealth killer. Long-term stress has negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health.
Stress can cause autonomic nervous disorders, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, depression, gastrointestinal discomfort, a weakened immune system, headaches, reduced attention, chest tightness, hormonal imbalance, menstrual disorders and other symptoms.
Among them, insomnia is the most common disease, the biggest issue for a person’s physical and mental health.
Do you have any of these symptoms?

For great moods, try these 7 stress-relieving foods.

1. Cocoa
Cocoa contains polyphenolic substances which can help reduce pressure hormones, relieve stress, and appease tensed moods. It also contains theobromine which can help activate the brain serotonin and relax the nerves. Cocoa makes you happy.

2. Maca
Research suggests that maca can effectively relieve stress, lower blood pressure, stabilize moods, concentrates attention, and make a person energetic. It has been recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO) as a food safe for consumption and without any side effects.

3. Milk
Calcium is a natural stabilizer for the nervous system. Stress speeds up the loss of calcium in the body. Calcium-rich foods take effects in calming the moods. 

4. Banana
Banana contains potassium which helps to keep the electrolytes and acid-alkali metabolism in balance that regulates the neuromuscular excitability, and coordinates the myocardial contraction and the diastolic function, so it is the perfect formula for reducing blood pressure and protecting blood vessels. Banana also contains a lot of magnesium which helps reduce tiredness and alleviate stress.

5. Black Tea
Research has found that drinking black tea every day can help calm the nerves. Those who drink 4 cups a day have shown a significant decrease in their cortisol level. Experts do not recommend adding milk or sugar to black tea, but lemon can be a refreshing alternative! 

6. Almond
Its rich Vitamin B2 & Vitamin E can help boost the immune system, and alleviate arrhythmias and neurasthenia caused by stress.

7. Nuts
Rich in Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B complex, and Omega oil, nuts keep the heart healthy, regenerate the brainpower, normalize emotional responses, reduce anxieties, prevents psychological disorders, and helps with sleep.



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