Brand Story


Brand Origin

Nano Bio Light CEO Chen Ji-Zong has many years of experience in the optoelectronic semiconductor and energy industry. Because of food safety issues and his sense of social responsibilities, he has decided to apply the latest technology into the field of biotechnology.
First, to eliminate the pressing pressure of food production in the world, we wish to introduce low-energy, high yielding, safe, healthy, highly nutritious production methods to reduce greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, as well as the consumption of water. We wish to contribute to the safety of all mankind’s food supply and the conservation of the world’s eco system. 
Mr. Chen’s late mother-in-law was a farmer. Having inhaling a lot of pesticides from work since a rather tender age, she succumbed to liver cancer. She was a person with a golden heart, Mr. Chen thought, but, because of the lack of technology and understanding, she had to farm with the most inefficient, tiring and dangerous method, which in return damaged her health, as well as all her consumers and the earth. Without a technological or environmental system, it is harmful not only to oneself, but others. Mr. Chen feels very sorry for this.
Therefore, we are committed to the development of smart agriculture and health foods by using the most advanced Plant Factory, building green walls, making health drinks etc., and trying to meet the needs of customers and consumers, for a more beautiful future.

From Farm-Food Cluture

Kindle the Future Blueprint of green Agriculture

Because Nature had provided fertile land as a gift, humans could use their hands to harvest the land. While Nano Bio Light CEO Chen Ji-Zong appreciates how nature sustains the world’s beautiful eco system, he also fears that human civilization has damaged the earth and also caused the food crises in recent years. Therefore, by combining advanced optoelectronic technology and biotechnology, Nano Bio Light seeks to travel from agricultural science and technology, agricultural processing, agricultural biotechnology to agricultural medicine one step at a time to realize the vision of urban farms, oxygenic architecture and the beautiful healthy city.    


On Environmental Control 

Advanced Intelligent Vegetable Production

Now is the future! We have combined advanced optoelectronics technology with biotechnology for energy-efficient, high yielding, non-toxic, safe, healthy and highly nutritious produce in our smart “Plant Factory”. We wish to set an example in agriculture to resolve food crises, food safety, carbon footprint, water shortage and other issues. We wish to contribute to the safety of all mankind’s food supply and the conservation of the world’s eco system. Determined to provide wholesome solutions, Nano Bio Light is the leader of “Environmental Control” technology. 

For Health Foods

Promote Safe Healthy Organic Foods

Nano Bio Light sees a lot of great natural foods in Taiwan and around the world. So, we try to hunt high and low to give you good health, beauty and longevity. We have brought tremella, nuts, maca, quinoa and other super foods back to Plant Factory. Our biotech engineers have researched and developed tasty and nutritious products only to give you the best natural ingredients and the heart-warming taste of nature.

In Green Life

Experience LOHAS Life Style

Love your life! Nano Bio Light believes that modern people need to live a healthy life in a sustainable, green environment. In order to make you live happier and happier, Nano Bio Light combines good health, beauty and longevity to create an innovative lifestyle and lead you to enjoy a happy life of good foods, healthy living and the joy of the mind and the body. Let’s find your happy life in a green, organic world!