Green ECO Wall

Green ECO Wall
The Strategy of Purify Indoor Air

With years of R&D in plant factories and planting experience, based on the concept of “Oxy-environmental Regimen” NanoBioLight builds an oxygen environment within a building, simulating a natural forest with smart ECO walls to provide fresh air.
Yearn for fresh forest air and phytoncide? Now, NanoBioLight tries to construct an oxygen environment by bringing green forest into a building based on the “Oxy-environmental Regimen” model, in which plants’ photosynthesis process turns bad air to fresh one for your houses, offices and other sites.

Forest Environment

Design patent with integrated multi-environmental control module  

Our environmental control techniques for reproducing natural conditions is used to create the green product, which combines functions like LED light source, watering automatically, calculation for nutrients contained in the medium of soilless culture, ventilation with air sterilization, altogether offering plants an ideal environment for photosynthesis process!

Air pollution is threatening our health

The dirty air from outdoor haze measuring PM2.5 and confined space, resulting in cancer and aging, our health is severely influenced owing to just 2~3% oxygen drop. While our brain only takes 2% of total body weight, the oxygen consumption it takes is as high as 25%. As a result, being able to get enough fresh air is the key to healthy body!



Adjustable LED Grow Lights
Equipped with grow lights and optical design with precision in simulation of sunlight, it provides plants with sufficient light to proceed photosynthesis, without stray light from extra track lighting on ceilings.

Smart Water Cycle System

Plants are watered on a regular basis with water supplied from hidden tanks through pipes without extra routing, and the sound of water gurgling could be heard as if being in a valley with trickling water.

Reducing CO2 & VOC with Photosynthesis

It’s scientifically proven that in a space of appropriate size and a certain amount of time, Green Eco Wall helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from dangerous levels of 1,200 ppm to 1,000 ppm, standardized target recommended by EPA (Environmental Protection Administration).

Breathing Phytoncid Green Eco Wall

A circular air-conditioning system is imbedded to simulate breeze against the leaves in forests with phytoncid released, in the purpose of building “a wall that could breathe.”


Plants + UV light + Charcoal Three-layer Air Purification

Besides purifying air and regulating temperature and humidity through foliage plants, the clean air chamber is also equipped with an UV germicidal lamp, filtering bacteria in air, and formaldehyde in the house is also absorbed by charcoal materials within the green building.

Elegant & Luster Transparent Crystal Acrylic Panel

Using ”CADOLI” impact-resistant A grade solid acrylic panels, beyond "piano lacquering" range, promoting the delicate texture of green Eco wall.

Plants in Diversity Available for Choice of Design

Custom-made themes of green modeling, not only purifying indoor air and but as green furniture for ornamental purposes.

Innovative Pafcal Soilless Media

Adopting “Pafcal “media developed by Japan Suntory, it goes beyond the limitations of soil planting, nursing plants in a lighter, cleaner way with better respiration.